We believe the church will be only as strong and mature as its leaders are strong and mature.  We believe the most effective way to strengthen pastors and church leaders is through the study of the Word and mentoring in the context of active ministry in their local church, supplemented by formal theological education.  It is our observation that theological education will not form the leader – it only helps to better equip and direct existing leaders.   So why do we believe this ministry is so important?  It is our conviction that the local church is responsible for pastoral training, whether or not that training is done partially in the context of formal seminary, ultimately the church is responsible to train up its leaders.  In Latin America there are good seminaries training people in Bible knowledge, and we don’t want to duplicate or replace what they are doing.  Our contribution is that we combine Bible Study and Theological training with mentoring in character and practical ministry skill in the context of local churches committed to Biblical ministry.  Doing this, we believe that the Lord will use ESI to strengthen His work in the Spanish speaking world by equipping effective and knowledgeable pastors who are committed to honoring Jesus.