Each participant has the following study and ministry requirements:

  1. Ministry:  Needs to be a pastor or leader active in ministry in his church, living the requirements of I Tim 3:1-7
  2. Weekly Sessions:  2 hours each week of Group Study (Study of the Word)
  3. Personal Preparation:  6-8 hours each week in personal study (Preparation)
  4. Accountability Groups:  1/2 hour of personal discipleship in accountability groups at the end of each session (Character development)
  5. Ministry:  Participate in ministry in his church where he can be observed and evaluated. (Ministry)
  6. Fee:  $10.00 per module commitment that each participant is expected to pay.
  7. Failure to attend:  If a participant fails to attend more than 3 sessions per Module, or fails to complete assignments, or fails to meet acceptable standards in weekly exams, they will be asked to leave ESI and return the books