ESI is a 3-year training process designed to help and encourage God’s servants learn to think Biblically and obey God’s Word in their lives, relationships and ministries.  We do this through a variety of means — mentoring/ discipleship, accountability, and the study of the Word. We endeavor to strengthen pastors in the areas of personal holiness, healthy marriages, and building a team approach to pastoral ministry.

The Bible is the content and basis of authority of all we do.
Considering the many waves of false doctrine and practice sweeping through Latin America that have weakened the church (mysticism, anti-intellectualism, pragmatism, hero-worship, animistic syncretism), we believe that if we can help pastors become grounded in the Bible and committed to Biblical truth, this is the key to strengthen the church in this region.  ESI has been in existence since 2002, and is now a movement of pastoring pastors and church leaders in Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru.

We plan by God’s grace to bring ESI into every major city in Bolivia and into 5 other Latin American countries by 2018.