Romans Chapters 9-­‐ 1 1 – This is an inductive study through the book of Romans, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, analyzing and discovering what it means that God is sovereign.

Gonzales, Justo; “History of the Christian Church” – To see where the Church through its history made godly decisions on the basis of God’s Word, and where it disregarded God’s Word -­‐-­‐ what were the results of these good and bad decisions – to encourage church leaders to avoid these same errors in life and ministry today.

Piper, John; “Finally Alive” – To understand how we are saved and how God’s sovereignty relates to man’s decision in salvation.

Begg, Alistair ; “What Angels Wish They Knew” – To learn how to think Biblically and develop a Christian world-­‐vision in how we understand the world around us